Pioneering drinking water stations for events

bottledockbottleWhat is Bottledock?

BottledockTM is the new drinking water station at music festivals, sporting events, gyms and colleges.
Always chilled and always filtered.

It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment.

Using a pre-purchased flat bottle, fill and re-fill with chilled, filtered water at various Bottledocks situated on site at your festival, event or college.

Each flat bottle has an anti-bacterial lining, and therefore we encourage you to take your bottle home for further use.

Refill as often as you want, saving money compared to bottled water.

The flat bottles are easy to use and and easy to store.
Fresh filtered and chilled water. What's not to like?!

WatermillsBottledockTM is brought to you by Watermills, a leading UK supplier of potable (drinking) water and temporary water infrastructure.

Watermills has supplied drinking water solutions to a wide range of events from small festivals and events, to the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, major UK festivals and the construction industry.

Watermills' award-winning services provide a complete range of delivery, storage and end user water supply solutions.

Contact watermills for expert advice all aspects of water supply and waste water removal.

 Adrian Mills


"Thank you for your interest and visiting the Bottledock website.

 By using Bottledock you are doing your bit for the environment, namely reducing the amount of plastic waste.
Furthermore, proper hydration assists with learning, allowing you to concentrate better, and it also speeds up recovery time after sport/exercise. Best of all, the water from Bottledock is chilled and filtered just for you.


So fill up your flat bottle and enjoy!"


Adrian Mills, MD of Watermills Events Ltd and founder of Bottledock