Pioneering drinking water stations for events

How to use Bottledock

 1  Purchase Use this website to purchase your flat bottle. Take your receipt (a barcode) to the event. 
 2  Collect Collect your flat bottle from the Bottledock stand at the event.
 3  Use Fill and re-fill your flat bottle with chilled, filtered water at any of the Bottledock units located throughout the event site.

 Filling the Flat Bottle

Your 750ml flat bottle is pre-loaded with 20 vends.

3 simple steps to use:

1 Blow into the empty flat bottle to partially inflate
2 Hold the bottle under the dispenser, lining up the white disc (RFID chip) on the bottle with the target sticker on the Bottledock to trigger water dispense
3 The flow of water will automatically cease after approximately 700ml, or if the bottle is removed from the Bottledock

Note: the Bottledock uses a RFID chip to activate, validate and trigger
water flow and automatically deduct one vend credit. Should the flat bottle be
removed accidentally halfway through filling, replace under the nozzle before the water flow stops (about 2 seconds) and continue re-filling.

The vend finishes after the water has ceased to flow and further filling will deduct an additional vend credit.steps

bottleWith a litre of water costing up £2 you will also make a large saving with our refillable flat bottles.